Laser Cutting

Weihong laser cutting CNC system adapts to various laser devices. It ensures fast cutting speed, high surface smoothness of cutting edges, little deformation of cutting material, which will reduce cutting cost significantly. It can be widely applied in industries such as metal plate cutting, acrylic, model airplanes, advertising, artware, leather, cutting dies, and woodwork.

Laser/Plasma Cutting Machine

Weihong Control System

  • PM85/95A

    The system adopts “Communication card+ Lambda controller” combination, featuring serial communication, RS232 interface, 4 analog inputs and 8 optocoupler outputs (Darlington outputs) which can directly drive the solenoid valve.

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  • NC65

    Based on PM85/95, the system features excellent hardware performance, integrating dual-core CPU with 2.17GHz main frequency, 60G SSD, 2G RAM...... control card unit, three USB 2.0 interfaces, and NcStudio motion control software.

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  • Laser cutting system: metal sheet cutting, precise component manufacturing, cylindrical cutting, knife mold cutting and other craft manufacturing.

  • Plasma cutting system: advertising, sheet metal manufacturing, thick plate cutting and irregular- shaped plate cutting, etc.

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